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Michael Jordan’s ‘Flu Game’ Sneakers From 1997 NBA Finals Sell for $1.38M at Auction

Michael Jordan’s ‘Flu Game’ Sneakers From 1997 NBA Finals Sell for $1.38M at Auction

Awais khan 9/11/2023

In a groundbreaking event that captivated sports memorabilia enthusiasts and basketball fans worldwide, Michael Jordan’s legendary ‘Flu Game’ sneakers from the 1997 NBA Finals have fetched an astonishing $1.38 million at auction. This momentous sale, held on Wednesday, not only shattered previous records but also served as a powerful testament to the everlasting impact of the basketball icon. The significance of these sneakers lies in the fact that they were worn by Jordan during one of his most memorable performances, despite battling a severe case of the flu. This extraordinary achievement further solidifies Jordan’s status as a true legend of the game and highlights the enduring allure of his iconic memorabilia.

Michael Jordan Flu Game Sneakers

The legendary Air Jordan 12s, also known as the “Flu Game” sneakers, have made history once again. They were sold for a whopping $1.38 million at an auction organized by Goldin, setting a new world record for the most expensive game-worn shoes ever. The legendary Air Jordan 12 sneakers, known as the “Flu Game” shoes, broke a world record at auction They are a reminder of how Michael Jordan overcame his sickness flue symptoms and led the Chicago Bulls to a vital win over the Utah Jazz in Game 5 of the 1997 NBA Finals. Jordan scored 38 points in one of the most impressive performances in NBA history, wearing the black and red Air Jordan 12s. Despite being visibly under the weather, Jordan dropped 38 points to clinch the win for the Bulls. This helped secure their fifth championship title.

The “Flu Game” performance is now cemented as one of the greatest displays of determination in basketball lore. The sneakers symbolize Jordan’s legendary status and unrelenting competitive spirit. They provide a glimpse into one of the defining moments that solidified his GOAT status. For collectors and fans worldwide, the “Flu Game” shoes remain one of the most treasured pieces of sports memorabilia. Their record-breaking auction price shows that the shoes will always be remembered and admired by basketball enthusiasts for years to come.

The sneakers sold for $1.38 million, underscoring their significance in sports history. Who bought these shoes and bid on them? Nobody knows. But they are not just shoes. They are a piece of history. They show how Jordan fought hard to win. They are a rare and precious item for any fan of his legacy. The ‘Flu Game’ has become a legendary part of basketball folklore, and these sneakers are a tangible connection to that unforgettable night. Experts in the field of sports memorabilia predict that the value of these sneakers will only be appreciated with time. As Jordan’s legacy continues to inspire future generations of athletes and fans, owning a piece of his history becomes an even more desirable prospect.

Sports Memorabilia: A Lucrative Investment

This sale is a testament to the growing value of sports memorabilia, especially those linked to legendary athletes like Michael Jordan. As the sports world evolves, iconic moments like the ‘Flu Game’ remain immortalized in history. The tangible artifacts associated with these moments hold a special place in the hearts of fans and collectors, underlining their investment potential.


In conclusion, Michael Jordan’s sneakers from the 1997 NBA Finals, when he played with flu-like symptoms and scored 38 points, have been sold for $1.38 million in 2023. This is the highest price ever for a pair of sneakers. The sneakers are a symbol of Jordan’s legacy and a source of inspiration for basketball fans and collectors. They preserve the memory of one of the best moments in NBA history.

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